Cloud streaming technology

3D Cityscapes‘ cloud streaming capabilities–developed in-house in partnership with Arc Compute Ltd.–is the byproduct of several years of first hand experience tackling the architectural pre-visualization industry’s toughest management, design, and production deployment problems on the leading edge of technology. 

Our use of the latest advancements in photogrammetry, AI, and game engine technologies powered by Arc Compute’s GPU services and project management platform. As a result of extensive customer testing informing a continuous process of self-improvement to our user interface and user experience (UI/UX) our project management technologies have adapted to rigorous demands in real-world production scenarios at the largest land development firms in our Canadian market. 

As a result of our decision to partner with our customers the design platform solves key pain points in project management and design by providing instant access to the most recent snapshot of a project via the tool. The introduction of the design suite of tools has substantially mitigated the need for actual management intervention on the part of our core tea

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