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3D CityScapes & NTRY Make Their Global Debut at IBS 2022

Watch our video recap of the annual International Builders’ Show in Orlando

And that’s a wrap on the International Builders’ Show 2022.

After three days, two talented teams, and one tricked-out booth (have you seen the size of that screen?), 3DCS and NTRY are back after a successful trade show at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

3DCS, and its real estate marketplace partner, NTRY, brought their vision of the future of virtual pre-construction sales to thousands of vendors and attendees in early February.

3D CityScapes and NTRY's booth at IBS 2022 in Orlando. (Photo Credit: Brian Lee)

“What we create is a visual language where nothing is lost in translation, where irrespective of what industry or vertical you might be in, you can take all that information and data and bring it to life using Unreal Engine and 3D CityScapes’ technology,” said Salman Hussain, Director of Digital Experiences for 3DCS. 

For team members on the floor, IBS was validation that the industry is shifting towards high-quality 3D visualizations.  

“Real estate is a bit archaic and trying to move some developers into this level of space has taken a little bit of time for them to realize that but now that technology’s moving so fast, I can’t even imagine where we’ll be next year,” said Jason Garland, NTRY’s VP of Business Development.

“I think a lot of people are excited to see a 3D model come to life of what they’re going to showcase or looking to buy,” said Samantha Servello, NTRY’s Sales & Marketing Manager. “It’s a good feeling to see that people are really drawn to our product that’s really unique and different.”

And the experience has both teams pumped for 2023.

“We’re gonna have more cities built out, more developers, high-rises, low-rises, commercial [properties]. I’m super excited for the future,” said Garland.

3D CityScapes is a Toronto start-up specializing in building digital twins and 3D visualizations. Interested in building a digital twin? Get in touch with us here or give us a shout at +1 416-477-6846

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