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3D CityScapes To Support NTRY, First Global Metaverse Real Estate Marketplace

The team was on hand for the proptech’s brand launch at the Bell TIFF Lightbox Theater. 

After two years in the making, 3D CityScapes has unveiled how it will support NTRY.

NTRY, the platform powering the world’s first global real estate marketplace in the metaverse, was created in partnership with real estate developer Pamela Ventresca, first-class realtor Julian Pucci, and 3D CityScapes’ CEO and co-founder James Borst. NTRY both simplifies and reshapes how people buy, sell and market property in the Greater Toronto area, and eventually, the world.

“They wanted to bridge the gap between realtors and developers and streamline the sales process and bring a world-class experience to consumers and from that conversation, spawned NTRY,” said Jason Garland, NTRY’s Senior Vice-President of Business Development, to a packed auditorium at the TIFF Lightbox in Toronto, Thursday evening.

For 3D CityScapes, the NTRY platform represents another opportunity for the team to apply its expertise in building high-fidelity, one-to-one scale digital twins of buildings, cities, and entire communities. Only this time it’s with a specific industry in mind.

The NTRY team with Ryan Serhant and Winson Chan, Tridel's VP of Sales (centre), Thursday, April 21, 2022.

“You can maximize your time in your life because that’s what’s important, right? That’s why we built this technology. This technology was built by real estate agents for real estate agents. Built by developers for developers. In short words, it was built by the industry, for the industry,” said Borst.

Industry leaders were also on hand to witness NTRY’s official launch, including New York real estate broker Ryan Serhant who sees NTRY’s potential.

“What excites me the most about NTRY and what they’ve just built and released into the world…is that you no longer have to wait for people to come to Toronto, you can now bring Toronto to everyone. That creates new income. That creates new potential showings,” said Serhant.

Realtor and TV personality Ryan Serhant takes the stage at the Bell TIFF Lightbox Thursday, April 21, 2022.

That potential also extends to developers like Winson Chan, Tridel’s Vice President of Sales. 

“Let’s face it, we build for current. We build for yesterday. But in the future we’re building for our kids. Imagine us trying to interrupt their routine, show them the brochure, try to present them the product and they might not be interested. But imagine showing them a game-like environment and they speak the language. They are our customers in the future.”

You can catch the entire recap below and to learn more about NTRY, sign up here.

3D CityScapes is a Toronto startup specializing in building digital twins and 3D visualizations. Interested in building a digital twin? Get in touch with us here or give us a shout at +1 416-477-6846

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