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3D CityScapes Teams Up with Sinay to Breathe New Life into Seaports

A new age of digitalization for ports is here

3D CityScapes, a global leader in creating immersive, interactive digital experiences, is pleased to announce its first European strategic partnership with French start-up Sinay

By combining Sinay’s Artificial intelligence algorithms, expertise in data and sensor information, and maritime industry knowledge with 3D CityScape’s visualization prowess, seaports are about to be brought into a new era of digitalization.

For years, Sinay has helped the maritime industry make smarter decisions by collecting and analyzing data to help clients find efficiencies and minimize environmental impacts. 3D CityScapes specializes in turning data into visuals using cutting-edge technology used in game development.   

“We are excited about this partnership with 3DCityScapes which will allow us to combine our expertise in maritime data management with an extraordinary 3D visualization tool, thus providing seaports and maritime actors with a competitive operational solution.” –David Lelouvier, Managing Director at Sinay

By integrating with Sinay’s data, 3D CityScapes will now build Digital Twins – interactive and immersive virtual representations – of seaports, smart cities, smart buildings, and more, which mirrors their real-world counterparts at any given time. 

“Creating a real-time digital twin means you have accurate forecasting. Seeing data in real time  seeing where ships are coming in, where people are going around, where containers are at  opens up a bunch of possibilities that can help you manage the port better.” – Founder and COO James Borst 

The result means seaports will have their own visual platform to monitor their facilities and surrounding environments in real-time, providing them with a powerful tool to save time, reduce costs and better respond to environmental changes.     

“This partnership will create living, breathing digital ports.” – Director of Digital Experience Salman Hussain

For more on this exciting new partnership, check out the video here.

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